Cleveland Cavaliers' Kevin Love out at Least 6 Weeks After Foot Surgery

Kevin Love

It’s no secret the Cavs aren’t doing well, and Kevin Love being out of the rotation doesn’t help either. On Friday, Cleveland Cavaliers all-star forward Kevin Love underwent surgery to address his persisting big toe issues.

Kevin Love Injury Update

Love will be out for at least six weeks which can’t be good for the struggling Cavaliers after Lebron’s departure to Los Angeles and the Cavaliers 0-6 start to the season. This all comes in addition to the Cavaliers firing head coach Tyronn Lue after starting the season with six straight losses.

Kevin Love Stats

Kevin Love’s injury didn’t just occur during a recent game, but rather the first preseason game. His big toe has been bothering him since and he tried to play through it but the pain became intolerable. In a way, we all could tell something was wrong, Kevin Love’s stats have been underwhelming. Love was averaging 19 points and 13.5 rebounds, which at first sight might seem impressive and effective, but shooting at just 32 percent leaves this to be highly inefficient for a team of young players trying to find their groove.

Kevin Love Contract

The Kevin Love contract was signed last summer for whopping $120 million, just after Lebron announced the end to his current tenure in Cleveland.

Foot Injuries

We could’ve seen this coming... when it comes to foot injuries they rarely just go away if not fully and properly treated and healed. The foot is the main support system of the body and is constantly being pushed to the limit in everyday activities and especially sports, not to mention in professional basketball. When something in the foot or ankle is injured, you need pay special attention to it. If you continue to walk on it and apply constant stress, the injury will worsen.

Cleveland Podiatrists

If you injure your foot or ankle or find yourself in chronic pain, treatment sooner than later is extremely important. Reach out to us at Highland Podiatry Associates where our podiatrists Dr. Ryan Huntsman and Dr. Elie Elias will take the best care of you and your injury. With two highly convenient offices in the Cleveland area (Highland Heights and Sagamore Hills), scheduling an appointment couldn’t be easier - call us at 440-473-0550 or click here to schedule now.

Information on Kevin Love from used from Associated Press Report

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