Don’t Fight Foot Pain: Avoiding proper diagnosis can lead to more damage… and a boot

If you notice foot pain, it may be nothing - but it may also be a from a serious problem. When Meaghan first noticed her foot pain she put her foot up, iced it, and thought it got better - but it didn’t.

When it got worse she had to stop doing everything, each step caused pain in the ball of her foot and she couldn’t run, do the elliptical or wear heels anymore.

Eventually, after several cycles of thinking the problem was gone after the pain went away from icing and rest, it came back - more painful than ever. Finally, Meaghan decided to visit the doctor, where she found out there was a real problem, which she couldn't treat at home. She had a stress fracture in her third metatarsal of the left foot, she would have to wear a CAM (controlled ankle motion) boot for 4 - 6 weeks to allow it to heel.

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If you find yourself in foot pain, treatment sooner than later will make the biggest difference. When foot pain doesn’t subside on its own or foot treatment at home doesn’t work within a few hours or days, reach out to Highland Podiatry where podiatrists Dr. Ryan Huntsman and Dr. Elie Elias will take the best care of your feet. With two highly convenient offices in Highland Heights and Sagamore Hills, suburbs of the greater Cleveland area, scheduling an appointment couldn’t be easier - call us at 440-473-0550 or click here to schedule now

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