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Emergency foot care for spontaneous acute injuries.

When it comes to an emergency for foot and ankle care, skip all of the excessive hospital fees and call Highland Podiatry Associates.

Our specialist podiatrist foot and ankle surgeons will take specialized care of your foot or ankle injury without all the additional room, hospital, and admin fees associated with the ER.

Spontaneous Foot Injury | Emergency Foot Care

Preventing chronic pain or a chronic condition by seeking immediate professional medical attention.

Foot injuries that may require immediate medical treatment include:

Contusion (Bruise)

A contusion, commonly known as a bruise, is when small blood vessel or vessels are broken and leak blood into nearby areas causing what is seen as a bruise. The symptoms of a contusion can include black-and-blue color, swelling, and pain. A contusion is usually minor but more serious injuries are commonly accompanied by a contusion.

Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain is an injury that occurs when the ankle is bent in a way that is awkward and damage to the tissue. This can happen with a roll, twist, or turn. Sprains stretch or even tear the tissue in the body that holds bones together called ligaments. Ligaments support and stabilize the bones to prevent them from movement outside of the normal range of motion.

Stress Fracture

A stress fracture can be a small crack or severe bruising in a bone. Stress fractures are commonly caused by overuse and repetitive activity, which is why it is so common in runners and athletes in running sports like soccer and basketball. Stress fractures usually occur when there is an alteration to regular workout routines like increasing workout intensity or changing where you run.

Crush Injury

Crush injuries occur when the body is compressed by an object. Rare in regular daily life, crush injuries are very common following natural disasters. More day to day causes can include traffic accidents, moving heavy objects such as furniture or lifting weights.

Puncture Wound

When an external injury cuts or lacerates the skin causing an opening it is called a puncture wound. Puncture wounds can be superficial and only require stitches, but a deep puncture wound may require reconstruction. A deep puncture wound could damage tendons, muscles, ligaments, and bones. Any cut in the skin can be serious and avoiding infection is very important. If a bite or a rusty piece of metal is involved you must seek immediate medical attention.


A dislocation injury causes a joint to lose function when bones are forced out of normal position. Dislocation can be painful and immobilize your joint. If you suspect a joint was dislocated seek immediate medical attention to make sure bones are back in the correct positions.

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If you experience a spontaneous injury and need immediate medical attention please call Highland Podiatry Associates at 440-473-0550 to get seen by Dr. Huntsman or Dr. Elias right away. To learn more about Highland Podiatry associates and our physicians please click here.

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