Corns & Calluses


A corn is a small and thick lesion on the skin of the foot. A corn is usually formed from repeated pressure on a specific point on the foot. 


Certain foot conditions such as hammertoes can cause corns because the bent toes will rub against the top of the shoe causing a corn to form. 


A corn can be treated once it becomes bad enough that it causes pain, a podiatrist will recommend the best treatment for your condition. If the corn is not treated and removed it can return. Do not try and remove the corn at home with medicated corn pads, this can cause a serious infection. 


A callus is an area of thickened skin also cause by repeated pressure and rubbing. The continuous rubbing causes the skin to produce a protective layer. They vary in size and can become painful.


A painful callus can be treated. It is not a good idea to try and remove the callus at home as this can lead to cuts and infections. A podiatrist will look at the callus and recommend the best course of treatment for the specific callus based on the underlying cause. If the cause of the callus is not determined it can return. 

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