Athlete's Foot

What is Athletes Foot? 

Athlete's foot is a fungal infection, which can occur anywhere on the body. On the foot, a fungal infection is called athlete's foot. Athlete's foot is also known as tinea pedis. Fungus commonly attacks the foot because it thrives off of dark, warm, and moist environments such as around a foot and inside of a shoe or sock. 


Fungus will also thrive in warm and damp areas such as locker rooms and swimming pools which is why fungal infections are very common in warm weather environments especially when feet tend to sweat and be wet more. The term athlete's foot originated from the common fungal infections being cause from athletic facilities around sweaty feet. 



Athlete's foot will cause ithcy, dry and scaling skin. Most commonly it is found between the toes and on the soles of the feet. Advanced cases can occur where inflammation and cracks of the skin and blisters can form, and a bacterial infection can also come about. Fungus can spread to anywhere on the body but especially the toenails.



Reducing athlete's foot is fairly simple. Avoiding being barefoot in common areas and practicing good foot hygiene will reduce the spread of fungus. As stated in our foot care tips blog post, feet should be washed and dried thoroughly, including between the toes, every day. If your feet sweat a lot then socks need to be changed often if that means multiple times daily. 


For treatment antifungal powders, sprays, and creams can be used. If necessary a podiatrist can recommend the best treatment for you.

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